We have puppies available right now!!! Let me introduce you to our Daisy and Charlie puppies. They were born on January 29, 2021.

Look at baby Lily! She is the smallest puppy of the bunch but she doesn’t know it. Isn’t she lovely? She is definitely best friend material. She is a very affectionate girl and as pretty as the prettiest flower you’ve ever seen!
Meet George! Never have I ever seen such a cute little polkadot nose. He’s a big boy with a big heart. He will follow you around until the cows come home. He is a one of a kind, sweetheart of a boy. Be prepared for big loves from this little guy! This Georgie Porgie did not make any girls cry!

This is Eli. Eli is a smart and curious little boy. He loves to kiss everyone. Who doesn’t need one hundred puppy kisses every day? He knows how to light up a room and will bring joy to his new family every day of his life.
HI! Meet Brady! He’s sweet and adorable. He’s the perfect mix of playful and cuddly. He’s a boy who will love you forever! How could you ever say no to a face like this?
This is Stella. Stella will be the first puppy to greet you in the morning! She’s so happy and friendly. She will never know what a bad day is. Be prepared for countless smiles if she becomes your little girl. We will throw in some wrinkle cream for those smile lines…

And we have MORE puppies! These are our Magnolia (Maggie) and Charlie puppies born on February 8, 2021. Some of these puppies are available now!!!

Meet Hudson! What can I say about this unbelievable milk chocolate boy? He is a gentle, sweet soul. He loves to be held and will be a cure for anyone with high blood pressure… that is after he’s through his puppy stage. He will melt your heart!
Hello Oliver! Did someone say cuteness overload? Where did you find those cute white slippers that you’re wearing? Oliver prefers to be held and will sit at your feet until you scoop him up in your arms. He is a love bug!
This is Willow and she had a little spot of dirt on her nose. Willow is a very small little girl and has the biggest, most beautiful eyes. I’m pretty sure when you see her, your heart will melt. Willow never runs out of puppy kisses.

Hi little Jake! Is it a crime to be that cute??? Oh my gosh! Jake is as sweet as a boy can be. He can’t wait to meet his new family and bring happiness and unconditional love to them. Jake is a special little boy who loves with his whole heart.

How can she not be named Angel? She is a tiny girl with a beautiful heart. Angel loves to be cuddled and held. She is a precious girl and will always bring comfort and joy to her loved ones. And she has plenty of love to give… May there always be an Angel by your side.


This is Gracie. She’s a tiny girl who is full of pure love. I like to cradle her like a baby in my arms. When I hold her like this, she looks into my eyes and I forget all my worries. She is a wonderful girl!
Look at this precious boy, Lincoln. He is sweet and loving. When he sees me, he comes running up to give me a kiss. He’s calm and affectionate. He will be the be the best boy anyone could ever ask for.
Libby’s 2019 litter at 8 weeks. They are wonderful, loving puppies!


Look at these beautiful babies! There are three boys and three girls. It’s amazing to look at their tiny faces and know that they will make the world a better place.


Meet Pat Hastings! She is an AKC judge, author, dog breeder, seminar speaker, and professional dog handler. I just call her a WORLD RENOWNED DOG EXPERT and that covers it all. She and her late husband, Bob, created a program to determine the structure and temperament of puppies when they are 8 weeks old. Pat travels all around the country speaking at conferences and evaluating dog litters for her clients. I am lucky beyond belief to be able to consult with her. She picks the best of the best breeding dogs for my program. I was very humbled to hear Pat say that Daisy’s 2019 litter was beautiful. During the evaluation, Pat told me that she never sees litters as good as Daisy’s. In the breeding world, this is the best thing that you could ever hear…. BEST DAY EVER!


Our Daisy and Charlie puppies were born on June 17, 2019. They are beautiful chocolate and white parti puppies with sweet and loving dispositions.

Meet our puppies (left to right): June, Eleanor, Joey, Jessie, and Scarlet

This is Joey, our only boy, at 7 weeks old. He’s a little ladies man who loves to give kisses.

This is Eleanor. She is sweet and spunky. She is the tiniest of the bunch. She just doesn’t know it!

This is Jessie. She’s playful and bright. She has the cutest stripe on her head!
This is beautiful Scarlet. She’s loves to play and then curl up on a comfy lap.
This is precious June. She is sweet and quiet and has a cute little polka dot next to her nose.

Past Posts


Our beautiful mom, Ellie, had her puppies on May 22, 2018! We have six girls and six boys. If you are interested in one of these beauties, please let us know. This is Ellie’s last litter and they are WONDERFUL puppies! Ellie has a gentle, soulful nature. She loves people! She will soon be a emotional service dog and will be visiting the elderly on a regular basis. She will bring joy to many lonely souls. We expect she will heal hearts wherever she goes.


We currently are accepting ONE more puppy reservation. Of course there will be alternate positions if any slots open up. One thing is for sure… this last puppy will be amazing simply because all of these babies are amazing! The puppies will be between 20 and 40 pounds. The price of the puppies are $2,750.00 plus Washington State sales tax if you are a Washington State resident. Please contact Julie for more information. (253) 973-9211.



Auora and Phillip 5 weeks

Oh! It’s Aurora and Phillip. They are inseparable! He is a dashing boy and she is as sweet as a summer rose. You can sometimes find Aurora napping in the playroom. Aren’t they adorable?


Meet Goldilocks and Baby Bear. When Baby Bear is not trying to steal Goldilocks’ bed, he can be found playing with her in the garden.

Cinderella and Prince Charming 5 weeks

Oh my! Here’s Prince Charming and Cinderella. He is the most handsome boy in the kingdom and she is the most beautiful maiden. She is black from the soot in the chimney but if you could see her little back paws, you will notice she is wearing one glass slipper.

Hello Jack and Jill! Jack is a darling apricot boy who loves his little sister, Jill. They are nearly perfect. We say “nearly” because you might catch them spilling the water bowl in the playroom.

Peter and Wendy 5 weeks

Here we have Peter and Wendy. It looks like Peter has lost his shadow. Wendy will help him find it!

Hansel and Gretel 5 weeks

These sweet siblings are Hansel and Gretel. They are a little bit lost and would like to find their way home. Hansel will take care of his little sister. They really love each other.

Seven Week Photos

DSC_3992 (2)

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